book cover for there's more

there’s more

by Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike

University of Alberta Press


Poetry: Literary

CDN: $19.99


In there’s more, Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike takes on the rich concepts of home and belonging: home lost and regained, home created with others and with the land, home as “anywhere we find something to love.” Giving voice to the experiences of migrant and other marginalized citizens, whose lives society tends to overlook, this collection challenges the oppressive systems that alienate us from one another and the land. Weaving domestic and international settings, salient observation and potent memories, and precise imagery and carefully built lyric, Umezurike immerses the reader in a community of voices, ideas, and recollections. there’s more navigates immigrant life with a multifaceted awareness of joy, melancholia, loss, and hope.

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