by Spencer Estabrooks & Jehtro Morales

Renegade Arts Entertainment


Graphic Novel

CDN: $$19.99


About the Book

Faith and facts collide on a Creationist themed golf course when the daughter of a widowed creationist falls for the adopted son of a gay palaeontologist. Unbeknownst to the lovers a prehistoric dino-shark has emerged from hibernation leaving a trail of death and destruction. Will the creationist and palaeontologist settle their ideological differences or will Sharkasaurus devour them all?

The theme of Sharkasaurus is evolution. All central characters go through a transformation or metamorphosis. When faced with the might and awesome power of Sharkasaurus, stubborn characters are forced to work together, adapt and become the best versions of themselves before they are killed in a terrifyingly hideous way.

About the Authors

Spencer Estabrooks (Writer) – is an Alberta writer and film director. With a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at the University of Alberta and a diploma in film production at the Victoria Motion Picture School Estabrooks focuses on telling Alberta genre stories. From cowboy zombies (Deadwalkers) to Rocky Mountain monsters (The Hunt) his film projects have won numerous awards including Rue Morgues Magazines Best Short of 2013 and Gencon’s best Feature Film 2016 (Legend of the Lich Lord)

Jethro Morales (Pencils & Inks) – After spending three years working exclusively for Dynamite on a variety of titles including Green Hornet, Dejah of Mars, and Army of Darkness / Vampirella, Jett has recently been focusing his talents on a few larger creator-owned graphic novel projects, the most ambitious of which is SHARKASAURUS. Every bit as big as the name implies.

Adriano Augusto (Colours) – Adriano specializes in digital colours, and he has a tremendous talent for breathing life into original line work. Adriano can colour directly from pencils or from inks, and his vibrant colour palette adds great depth to the original art that he works with. Adriano’s previous work includes Red Sonja, Green Hornet, Masks, and Voltron for Dynamite, and he is currently working on The Normals (Aftershock Comics).

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