Shades Within Us

Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders

by Edited by: Susan Forest & Lucas K. Law

Laksa Media


Anthology: Cultural Studies

CDN: $19.95


Journey with twenty-one speculative fiction authors through the
fractured borders of human migration to examine the dreams, struggles,
and triumphs of those who choose—or are forced—to leave home and
familiar places.

Migration. A transformation of time, place, and being . . .


We are called drifters, nomads. We are expatriates, evacuees, and
pilgrims. We are colonists, aliens, explorers; strangers,
visitors—intruders, conquerors—exiles, asylum seekers, and . . .

An American father shields his son from Irish discrimination. A
Chinese foreign student wrestles to safeguard her family at the
expense of her soul. A college graduate is displaced by technology. A
Nigerian high school student chooses between revenge and redemption. A
bureaucrat parses the mystery of Taiwanese time travellers. A defeated
alien struggles to assimilate into human culture. A Czechoslovakian
actress confronts the German WWII invasion. A child crosses an
invisible border wall. And many more.

Stories that transcend borders, generations, and cultures. Each is a
glimpse into our human need in face of change: to hold fast to home,
to tradition, to family; and yet to reach out, to strive for a better

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