Book Cover for Principles of Blended Learning

Principles of Blended Learning

Shared Metacognition and Communities of Inquiry

by Norman D. Vaughan, Deborah Dell, Martha Cleveland-Innes, and D. Randy Garrison

Athabasca University Press


Academic: Education

CDN: $29.99


The rapid migration to remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic expedited the need for more research and practical guidelines for online and blended learning. A theoretical grounding is imperative to support blended learning and sustain change. The Community of Inquiry is a valuable framework that regards higher education as both a collaborative and individually constructivist learning experience. The framework considers the interdependent elements of social, cognitive, and teaching presence to create a meaningful learning experience. In this volume, the authors focus on designing, facilitating, and directing collaborative blended learning environments by emphasizing the concept of shared metacognition.

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