Book cover for Numinous Seditions: Interiority and Climate Change by Tim Lilburn. Behind the title are dark stones.

Numinous Seditions

Interiority and Climate Change

by Tim Lilburn

University of Alberta Press


Non-Fiction: Environment and Ecology, Essays

CDN: $29.99


With Numinous Seditions, celebrated poet and essayist Tim Lilburn investigates aspects of an interiority appropriate to a time and world irrevocably altered by climate change. What inner dispositions might sustain and help us bear the new sorrows of the climate crisis? The book draws from elements of the West’s almost forgotten contemplative tradition in its Platonic, Islamic, Christian, and Zoharic forms. Facets of this interior stance also arise from an examination of a certain sort of philosophy, a particular poetry, and various forms of mystical theology. Lilburn suggests that listening, noticing, reading can help with the difficult tasks of forming deep relationships with the land, with Indigenous peoples, and with pedagogy itself.

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