Book cover for Monitoring Station by Sonja Ruth Greckol

Monitoring Station

by Sonja Ruth Greckol

University of Alberta Press



CDN: $19.99


Sonja Ruth Greckol’s Monitoring Station enters a slipstream of space and planetary language, circling time, embodying loss and longing, generating and regenerating in a faltering climate. Orbiting through a mother’s death, a grandbaby’s birth, and a pandemic summer, these poems loop and fragment in expansive and empathetic ways. Nimble, energetic, and challenging, the book engages a dense kind of poetic thinking about belonging and settler responsibility to people and place, within both recent history and far-flung cosmic realities. Falling squarely within a feminist experimental lyric trajectory, and grounded in bodily, personal, and political experience, Monitoring Station embodies the passage of a damaged world across generations.

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