Lillian & Kokomis

The Spirit of Dance

by Lynda Partridge, illustrated by Dave Nicholson

UpRoute Books and Media


Young Adult: Indigenous

CDN: $17.95


Lillian & Kokomis is the second book in the UpRoute Indigenous Spirit of Nature Series. Written by Sixties Scoop survivor, Lynda Partridge, the back cover blurb says all …

“Lillian finds herself at yet another foster home. White kids make fun of her at school. Indigenous kids do too. Lillian’s angry mind wants to punch everyone out. Will Lillian find a spirit of belonging? If so, WHERE and HOW?”

This book speaks to issues of Indigenous reconciliation, foster homes and residential schools, language and legends, and ways of knowledge. Over and above it all, Lillian is a powerfully engaging force who finds a sense of belonging from the spirit of dance. By the end, Lillian is a most lovable hero.

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