Knowings and Knots

Methodologies and Ecologies in Research-Creation

by Natalie Loveless (Editor)

University of Alberta Press


Academic: Arts and Culture, Cultural Studies, Education

CDN: $39.99


Knowings and Knots presents a range of interdisciplinary perspectives on the methodology of research-creation and asks how those who make knowledge think about and value it. Not just a method but a site of ongoing experimentation around what counts as knowledge, research-creation is a meeting place of academia, artistic creation, and the wider public. The contributors argue that academic institutions and funders must recognize research-creation as innovative knowledge-making that leaps over the traditional splitting of theory from practice while considering how gender/feminist studies, Indigenous practices, and new materialism might inform and develop the conversation. Through this book, readers can transform the way they experience both art and education.

Contributors: Carolina Cambre, Owen Chapman, Paul Couillard, T.L. Cowan, John Cussans, Randy Lee Cutler, Petra Hroch, Rachelle Viader Knowles, Natalie Loveless, Glen Lowry, Erin Manning, Sourayan Mookerjea, Natasha Myers, Simon Pope, Stephanie Springgay, Sarah E. Truman

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