Accessible Alberta: eBooks for Everyone

Discover a collection of Alberta-published accessible eBooks— because everyone deserves access to great stories.

59 Glass Bridges

by Steven Peters

NeWest Press


In 59 Glass Bridges, an unnamed narrator travels through a maze that is at once mutable and immutable: walls fall to vine-filled forests, hallways to rivers, bridges to lamp-lit boats. What remains is the desire to escape. He is led along his harrowing path by Willow, a mysterious figure who cajoles him and responds to questions…

A Historical and Legal Study of Sovereignty in the Canadian North: Terrestrial Sovereignty, 1870-1939

by P. Whitney Lackenbauer

University of Calgary Press


Researched and written over decades, this multiple-award winning book brings Gordon W. Smith’s unpublished opus on northern sovereignty to the public for the very first time. Gordon W. Smith, PhD, dedicated much of his life to researching Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic. His 1952 dissertation from Columbia University, “The Historical and Legal Background of Canada’s…

Cover and Uncover: Eric Cameron

by edited by Ann Davis

University of Calgary Press


An indispensable resource for anyone interested in the work of Eric Cameron, Cover and Uncover combines critical discussion with beautiful, full-colour reproductions of Cameron’s works in multiple media. A painter, writer, and teacher, Eric Cameron is a major contemporary Canadian artist. Born in Leicester, England in 1935, he arrived in Canada in the 1970s and quickly became…

Finding Refuge in Canada: Narratives of Dislocation

by edited by George Melnyk and Christina Parker

Athabasca University Press


These narratives by refugees, private sponsors, and civil servants confront dominant public discourse about refugee identities and offer insights into the social, political, and cultural challenges and opportunities that refugees encounter in Canada.…

From Turtle Island to Gaza

by David Groulx

Athabasca University Press


“David Groulx is an important poetic voice. Intellectually and emotionally generous, his poetry both gives and demands presence, and a willingness to acknowledge reality and engage at a deeper level.” —Joanne Arnott, author of A Night for the Lady “Powerful . . . triumphant and heartfelt.” —Lee Maracle With a sure voice, Groulx, an Anishinaabe writer, artistically weaves…

Grey Matters: A Guide for Collaborative Research with Seniors

by Nancy Marlett and Claudia Emes

University of Calgary Press


A major step in making collaboration between seniors, academic researchers, and community researchers a reality. Many aging adults are motivated to undertake research projects in later life or even return to university after retirement. Grey Matters is a guide for researchers and seniors to develop effective collaborative research strategies. The result of a successful pilot project, Grey Matters uses…

Historical GIS Research in Canada

by Jennifer Bonnell and Marcel Fortin

University of Calgary Press


Discover the incredible potential of Historical Geographic Information Systems for academic inquiry in this exploration of new trends in historical research. Fundamentally concerned with place, and our ability to understand human relationships with environment over time, Historical Geographic Information Systems (HGIS) as a tool and a subject has direct bearing for the study of contemporary…

How Canadians Communicate V: Sports

by Edited by David Taras and Christopher Waddell

AU Press


Fewer Canadians than ever are lacing up skates, swimming lengths at the pool, practicing their curve ball, and experiencing the thrill of competition. However, despite a decline in active participation, Canadians spend enormous amounts of time and money on sports, as fans and followers of sporting events and sports culture. Never has media coverage of…

John C. Parkin, Archives, and Photography: Reflections on the Practice and Presentation of Modern Architecture

by Linda Fraser, Michael McMordie, and Geoffrey Simmins

University of Calgary Press


Discover the exciting world of Canadian architecture in in the twentieth century in this richly illustrated exploration of one influential, highly successful, architectural firm. Architectural practice in post-World War II Canada brought substantial change to the face of the Canadian built environment, led by the contribution of John C. Parkin. As senior partner at the…

Lily Lewis: Sketches of a Canadian Journalist: A Biocritical Study

by Peggy Martin

University of Calgary Press


Lily Lewis, Canadian writer and journalist, author of a popular advice column, influential world traveller, has been nearly forgotten to history. Peggy Martin rakes the archive to discover her untold story in this fascinating book that reclaims Lily Lewis as a Canadian literary figure. Canadian writer and journalist Lily Lewis is not a household name.…

Lost Tracks: Buffalo National Park, 1909–1939

by Jennifer Brower

Athabasca University Press


While contemporaries and historians alike hailed the establishment of Buffalo National Park in Wainwright, Alberta as a wildlife saving effort, the political climate of the early twentieth century worked against its efforts to stem the decline of the plains buffalo in North America. However, the branch charged with operating the park, the Canadian Parks Branch,…

Marion Nicoll: Silence and Alchemy

by Ann Davis, Elizabeth Herbert, Jennifer Salahub

University of Calgary Press


A rounded portrait of Marion Nicoll, visionary artist, ground-breaking educator, and important founder of Alberta art. Marion Nicoll (1909 1985) is a widely acknowledged and important founder of Alberta art and certainly one of a dedicated few that brought abstraction into practice in the province. Her life and career is a story of determination, of…

Medicine and Duty: The World War I Memoir of Captain Harold W. McGill, Medical Officer, 31st Battalion C.E.F.

by Harold McGill

University of Calgary Press


Medicine and Duty is the World War I memoir of Harold McGill, a medical officer in the 31st (Alberta) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, edited and presented by writer and historian Marjorie Barron Norris McGill attempted to have his memoir published by Macmillan of Canada in 1935, but, unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the company was not…