We Remember the Coming of the White Man

by Elizabeth Yakeleya, Sarah Simon and other Sahtú and Gwich'in Elders

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Non-Fiction: History, Indigenous

CDN: $37.50


Edited by Sarah Stewart; Foreword, Raymond Yakeleya; Afterword, Colette Poitras

A work in progress since the 1970s, We Remember the Coming of the White Man chronicles the history of the Dene People in the extraordinary time of the early 20th century. Chapters are transcripts of oral histories by ten Elders about their recollections of the early days of fur trading, guns, and flu pandemic; dismay about the way oil and uranium discoveries and pipelines were handled on their land; and the emotional and economic fallout of the signing of Treaty 11. Rich with photographs, Elders’ stories are in English and Dene Gwich’in. Bundled with the book is a remastered DVD version of Raymond Yakeleya’s stunning 1978 film We Remember, with director’s commentary. More information is available at durvile.com/

About Raymond Yakeleya, Foreword and Film Maker
Raymond is an award-winning Dene television producer, director and writer, originally from Tulita in NWT, now residing in Edmonton. His award-winning documentary films  including We Remember for CBC and The Last Mooseskin Boat for NFB have screened at festivals around the world.

About Sarah Stewart, Editor
Sarah Stewart is a writer who lived for many years in the Northwest Territories. She and her husband Bill Stewart were part of Raymond’s team We Remember.

About Colette Poitras, Afterword
Colette is Red River Métis and Chair of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations Indigenous Matters Committee. She believes libraries have a duty and the privilege to partner with Indigenous community to preserve and revitalize Indigenous languages.”]

Dene translation is by Bella Ross and Sarah Jerome.

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