Walking Through Turquoise

by Laurie MacFayden

Frontenac House


Poetry: LGBTQ

CDN: $19.95


Laurie MacFayden’s third book of poetry continues to explore the flirtations and secrets mined in her previous titles, White Shirt and Kissing Keeps Us Afloat. The clumsy intricacies of relationships; the things you want to shout from the rooftops but cannot tell; the tickle in your gut the first time she calls you honey. MacFayden ponders a one-way trip to Mars, the turmoil of clouds, the majesty of moonstone. “How can desire survive the tragedy of human aging?” she asks, never losing sight of the joying, wet, throbbing hallelujah. Walking Through Turquoise is a celebration of the glorious swirling twine that binds us to things of this earth and beyond.

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