Visible Cities

by Kathleen Wall & Veronica Geminder

University of Calgary Press


Poetry: Photography

CDN $: 22.99


Visible Cities captures moments of joy and sadness that occur each day on city streets, exploring the humble triumphs and mundane tragedies of urban life. Photographs taken in locales from Regina to Venice, from Ottawa to Paris, inspire poems that reveal the unexpected beauty of the everyday experiences shaped by the cities we inhabit.

Veronica Geminder’s photographs peer into back lanes, admire people absorbed in public art, and consider those ruminating on their own reflections in the glass expanses of office buildings. Kathleen Wall’s poems delve for the story behind the photograph, nurturing the moments that would otherwise quickly pass us by.

Lose yourself in Visible Cities and uncover the vitality and complexity of urban life.

About the Author(s):
Kathleen Wall is the author of Without Benefits of Words, Time’s Body, and Blue Duets which was shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Book Award for fiction.

Veronica Geminder holds an Honours B.A. in the History of Art and Architecture from McGill University and a Masters in Philosophy in the History and Philosophy of Architecture from Cambridge University.

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