Cover of Trails and Trials by Maxwell L. Foran, published by University of Calgary Press

Trails and Trials

Markets and Land Use in the Alberta Beef Cattle Industry, 1881-1948

by Maxwell L. Foran

University of Calgary Press


Non-Fiction: Alberta, History

CDN: $34.95


Trails and Trials is a story of struggle, victories, and defeats, as a romanticized industry struggled to survive and mature in the real world.

Alberta’s ranching heritage occupies an important place in the province’s historical consciousness. Trails and Trials documents the development of the beef cattle industry in Alberta from its open-range ranching phase to the beginnings of the modern era. This narrative history documents how the beef cattle industry responded to the challenges following the end of the open-range era through two world wars and the Great Depression and provides a new case study of Canada’s economic development and settlement history.

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