The Tree by the Woodpile

And Other Dene Spirit of Nature Tales

by Raymond Yakeleya

UpRoute Books and Media


Childrens: Environment and Ecology, Indigenous

CDN: $16.95


The Tree by the Woodpile is a story about a  First Nations boy who is told an enchanting tale by his grandmother about how an old tree by the woodpile provides food and shelter for the birds and animals of the North. The story is suffused with Newehtsı̨nę, the Creator and Spirit of Nature, who brings a message of how we must to cherish our land. The Tree is written in English and Dene for middle-grade children, ages 8 to 12. Says author Raymond Yakeleya, “Canada’s Native people need to have a voice in mainstream media in order to tell our Peoples’ stories, our way.”

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