Book Cover for The Rainbow, the Midwife and the Birds by Raymond Yakeleya

The Rainbow, the Midwife and the Birds

Four Dene Stories

by Raymond Yakeleya

Durvile & UpRoute Books


Childrens: Indigenous

CDN: $29.95


This book contains four Dene First Nation stories, as experienced by Raymond Yakeleya. “Flight Through the Rainbow” is about flying in a small plane through a rainbow, and tells a legend of how spiders catch drops of colour in their webs. “The Midwife” is a story told to Raymond by his Granny Harriet about bringing the spirit of babies into the world. “The Slingshot and the Songbird” is about a boy’s contrition over killing a friendly songbird. “The Medicine Brothers,” told to Raymond by his uncle George Blondin, is about giant birds when the world was new. “The Rainbow” is also an animated film, video game, and phone app, available to view and play.

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