The Law Is (Not) For Kids

A Legal Rights Guide for Canadian Children and Teens

by Ned Lecic and Marvin Zuker

Athabasca University Press


Young Adult: Law

CDN: $22.99


Lecic and Zuker have done a masterful job in producing this invaluable resource for young people in Canada. The authors answer key questions young people have about rights and laws that affect them at home, at school, at work, and in their relationships. Provincial and territorial variations in law are included making the guide relevant to all Canadian children and youth. The discussion is clear and straightforward with no moralistic or patronizing overtones. The information it contains provides an excellent basis for adults and youth to negotiate rules and standards of behavior.

In addition to being a useful resource to parents and teachers, I would like to see The Law is (Not) for Kids become a required component of citizenship education for all junior and high school students in Canada.
—Katherine Covell, PhD, Children’s Rights Consultant

In this practical guide to the law for Canada’s young people, Ned Lecic and Marvin Zuker provide an all-encompassing manual meant to empower and educate children and youth. The authors address questions about how rights and laws affect the lives of young people at home, at school, at work, and in their relationships and draw attention to the many ways in which a person’s life can intersect with the law. Deliberately refraining from moralizing, the authors instead advocate for children and their rights and provide examples of how young people can get them enforced. In addition to being critical information for youth about citizenship, The Law is (Not) for Kids is a valuable resource for teachers, counsellors, lawyers, and all those who support youth in their encounters with the law.

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