The Future of Sustainability at NA Universities - Book Cover.

The Future of Sustainability Education at North American Universities

by edited by Naomi Krogman with Apryl Bergstrom

University of Alberta Press


Academic: Environment and Ecology

CDN: $34.99


This collection explores sustainability education in the North American academy. The authors advocate for a more integrated approach to teaching sustainability in order to help students address the most pressing problems of the world, embrace experimentation, and foster more meaningful involvement with the communities in which universities are located. Throughout, they remain focussed on identifying opportunities for sustainability in higher education and suggesting specific strategies and tactics to achieve them. Recommendations include pedagogical and structural changes aimed at helping students understand the systems in which they can advance sustainability. This timely volume will be of interest to scholars, academic leaders, policy makers, societal partners in research, and private-sector leaders interested in advancing the sustainability agenda.

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