Shopping Cart Boy

by Joshua Jordan G.H.

Siretona Creative


Poetry: Biography and Memoir, Indigenous

CDN: $14.99

Reflect with Joshua on a childhood spent helping his mom search for bottles and cans from the confines of a shopping cart prison.

Grieve with Josh as he pours out his sorrow after finding his mother dead one morning, when he was twelve years old.

Follow Josh on a heart-breaking journey through several years of foster care and street life.

Join Joshua as he expresses hope that he has found a place to belong, in a loving family, with another mother.

We all need to read Joshua’s story. Some of us need to know that we are not the only ones who have suffered the loss of our homes and our families. Some of us need to get a glimpse into the lives of children who live in despair – so that we can find a way to support them.

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