K9 Line-Up Training - Book Cover.

K9 Line-up Training

A Manual for Suspect Identification and Detection Work

by Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak, and Simon Prins

Brush Education


Learning: Education

CDN: $44.95


Enhance your K9’s detection capabilities and unlock the power of its nose with scent and odor line-up training

Learn how to:

  • Master the basics of detector dog training
  • Train dogs in scent identification line-ups and odor recognition tests
  • Troubleshoot common problems in scent identification work

The use of detection dogs has risen dramatically in recent decades in all different areas of detection, including drugs, explosives, missing persons and more. But even with this increase, there remains a lack of information about the different ways to train detector dogs, and even less about the many ways that training can go wrong. K9 training experts Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak and Simon Prins wrote this book so all trainers have access to the knowledge they need to train capable detection dogs .

This book introduces both professional and amateur dog handlers to the basics of scent and odor line-up training and their applications in K9 scent identification and detection work. From training schedules to the fascinating history of nose work in policing, this book is designed to be a practical, accessible, and informative resource for K9 officers, professional or volunteer search-and-rescue workers, competitive dog trainers, and enthusiastic hobbyists alike.

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