Cover of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Western Canada, published by University of Calgary Press

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Western Canada

From Family Businesses to Multinationals

by Edited by James J. Chrisman, J. A. D. Holbrook, J. H. Chua

University of Calgary Press


Academic: Business and Economy


Cutting-edge research and new scholarly perspectives on the nuance of the entrepreneurial process in Western Canada.

This collection of articles by Canadian scholars adds to a growing literature that examines the nature of the entrepreneurial process at the national and regional levels. Presenting emerging research programs and scholarly perspectives on the roles of innovation, entrepreneurship, and family business in economic development, this book enriches our understanding of the nuances of the entrepreneurial process in western Canada.

The articles in this volume cover a wide range of methodologies, including purely conceptual pieces, theory-building exercises based on field research, literature reviews, large-scale empirical studies, and presentations of new methodological advancements that further research in these fields. Focusing on western Canada, contributors examine where and how unique approaches to the process of new venture creation yield insights for researchers and practitioners.

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