Cover for Gathering of Ghosts by Susan Forest. In background is the view of an ancient city.

Gathering of Ghosts

Book 3 (Addicted to Heaven series)

by Susan Forest

Laksa Media Group


Fiction: Literary

CDN: $25.00


Rennika Falkyn, a highborn magiel, is forced to use her magic once again—this time to track down a mysterious child—leading her to a tangle of mystifying puzzles in the high court and endangering her own family. And can she overcome the stigma of her past crimes and lies, and find redeeming love with her husband? Gathering of Ghosts completes the award-winning series of three sisters and their continuing family saga of addictions, survival, revenge, and redemption in an empire where magic is forbidden. Can a family bond hold together to stop the mad king—or fail badly and become wandering ghosts themselves?

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