Cover of Far From Home, published by University of Calgary Press

Far From Home

A Memoir of a Twentieth-Century Soldier

by Jeffery Williams

University of Calgary Press


Non-Fiction: History

CDN: $24.95


Far From Home recounts the life of a soldier who grew up in 1920s Calgary, became an officer in the Canadian army, and travelled the world.

Jeffery Williams offers a vivid retelling of his childhood in Calgary during the depression, followed by the outbreak of war and his enthusiastic enrolment in the Canadian Army. First sent to England in 1939, eager and untrained, Williams went on to a thirty-three year career, experiencing wars in Europe and Korea, and serving inCanada, Germany, the United States, and England.

With an uncanny memory, William recounts his fascinating history with remarkable people both famous and unknown, including the Royal Family, John, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Jeffery Williams’ transition from “the most untrained officer in the army” to a man equally at home on the field or in the houses of government, and the bumps and shocks of growing from a simple upbringing to the sophisticated life of an international officer is told with great humour and rare interest. Far From Home is a rare insight into the rarely seen human side of military life.

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