Critical Digital Pedagogy - Book Cover.

Critical Digital Pedagogy in Higher Education

by edited by Suzan Köseoğlu, George Veletsianos, and Chris Rowell

Athabasca University Press


Academic: Education

CDN: $29.99


Recent efforts to solve the problems of education—created by neoliberalism in and out of higher education—have centred on the use of technology that promises efficiency, progress tracking, and automation. The editors of this volume argue that using technology in this way reduces learning to a transaction. They ask administrators, instructors, and learning designers to reflect on our relationship with these tools and explore how to cultivate a pedagogy of care in an online environment. With an eye towards identifying different and better possibilities, this collection investigates previously under-examined concepts in the field of digital pedagogy such as shared learning and trust, critical consciousness, change, and hope.

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