Book cover for Cantata and the Extinction Therapist by Clem Martini

Cantata and the Extinction Therapist

Two Plays by Clem Martini

by Clem Martini

Durvile & UpRoute Books


Drama: Arts and Culture

CDN: $29.95


Clem Martini’s award-winning play, Cantata: Rumours of My Crazy, Useless Life provides a window into the experience of people going through the hidden, high-stakes struggles of elder care and mental illness. In The Extinction Therapist, Dr. Marshall’s therapeutic practice offers group support to those threatened with extinction including a woolly mammoth, a testy short-eared shrew, the uncompromising smallpox virus, an insecure Tyrannosaurus rex. They all convene to receive therapy, in an attempt to come to terms with the complicated, volatile feelings associated with their life-and-death circumstances.

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