Cover of At Home Afloat, published by University of Calgary Press

At Home Afloat

Women on the Waters of the Pacific Northwest

by Nancy Pagh

University of Calgary Press


Non-Fiction: Gender Studies, History

CDN: $24.95


A highly original, well-theorized, and challenging recasting of marine history that examines the ways that gender influences the roles women play—and are allowed to play—at sea.

Considering accounts written by Northwest Coast marine tourists between 1861 and 1990, Nancy Pagh examines the ways that gender influences the roles women play at sea, the spaces they occupy on boats, and the language they use to describe their experiences, their natural surroundings, and their contact with Indigenous peoples.

Nancy Paugh, an accomplished marine tourist and scholar, offers an engaging text that makes fresh and relevant links between diverse areas of inquiry including Western Canadian Western Canadian and American history, feminist geography, post-colonial theory, and women and environments. She seamlessly integrates her own personal narrative into the text and beautifully evokes the complexity and singular qualities of Northwest Coast geography and ecology.

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