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Conrad Kain: Letters from a Wandering Mountain Guide, 1906-1933

by Edited by Zac Robinson

The University of Alberta Press


Conrad Kain in a total amongst climbers in Canada.  This work orders Kain’s letters chronologically, with annotations and the definitive translation of the German sections of his letters.  Historians and mountain culture enthusiasts worldwide will appreciate Kane’s genius for description, his passion for nature, his opinions, and his musings about his life.…

Development Derailed: Calgary and the CPR, 1962-64

by Max Foran

Athabasca University Press


Development Derailed unravels a fascinating story of how politics undermined promise. Foran shows how an extensive 1962 proposal to develop the lands held by the Canadian Pacific Railway in downtown Calgary ultimately fell prey to a conflict between corporate rigidity and an unorganized civic administration.…

Marion Nicoll: Silence and Alchemy

by Ann Davis, Elizabeth Herbert, Jennifer Salahub

University of Calgary Press


Marion Nicoll (1909–1985) is a widely acknowledged and important founder of Alberta art and certainly one of a dedicated few that brought abstraction into practice in the province.…

A Metaphoric Mind: Selected Writings of Joseph Couture

by Ruth Couture and Virginia McGowan (Editors)

Athabasca University Press


A respected Elder, traditional healer, and educational psychologist, Dr. Joseph Couture (1930-2007) transformed long-held views of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. These essays range from Aboriginal spirituality to ancestral ways of knowing, from the process of Native healing to education’s role in self-determination and social change.…

The Devil’s Breath: The Story of the Hillcrest Mine Disaster of 1914

by Steve Hanon

NeWest Press


On a warm spring day in June of 1914, two hundred and thirty-five men went down into the depths of the Hillcrest mine, found in Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass. Only forty-six would make it out alive. The largest mining disaster in Canadian history, the fateful tale of the Hillcrest Mine is finally captured in startling detail…

The Paradise Engine

by Rebecca Campbell

NeWest Press


Set in British Columbia across two eras separated by a century, the Paradise Engine unfolds against a colourful backdrop of labour organizers, immaculately-attired cultists, ambitious socialites, teenage lovers, dank basement offices and innumerable coffee shops.…

Open Pit

by Marguerite Pigeon

NeWest Press


On the eve of NorthOre’s opening of a new mining operation, a group of Canadian human-rights activists are taken hostage by a former revolutionary fighter who demands that the company stop production at the open-pit gold mine and allow his family’s remains to be exhumed. The mine’s Canadian owner, however, decides on a combined police…

Seldom Seen Road

by Jenna Butler

NeWest Press


Seldom Seen Road is a collection of sharply observed and understated poems about the land and its people, specifically those who have made it grow. Bare bones, full of wit, insight, and fine imagery, they make up a book carefully constructed around a striking vision of the Prairies and its slowly disappearing history.…

Belinda’s Rings

by Corinna Chong

NeWest Press


With Belinda’s Rings, Corinna Chong introduces us to two lovable and thoroughly original female characters: persnickety, precocious Grace, and her impractical, impulsive mother Belinda—very different women who nevertheless persistently circle back into each other’s hearts.…

The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry

by Valerie Mason-John and Kevan Anthony Cameron (Editors)

Frontenac House


This first national collection of African Canadian poetry features 90 poets who document a range in style from page and stage. Includes internationally honoured Africadian George Elliott Clarke, Ian Keteku (crowned 2010 World Poetry Slam champion), Lillian Allen (founder of the dub poetry tradition in Canada), and Afua Cooper (brought to light the hanging of…

Disinherited Generations: Our Struggle to Reclaim Treaty Rights for First Nations Women and their Descendants

by Nellie Carlson & Kathleen Steinhauer, as told to Linda Goyette

University of Alberta Press


Oral autobiography of two remarkable Cree women, their life stories against a backdrop of government discrimination, decades of First Nations activism, and the resurgence of First Nations communities, that resulted in changing oppressive regulations, benefitting thousands of their descendants.…

Pathology Review

by Dr. Zu-hua Gao

Brush Education


Pathology Review is the newest and most comprehensive review guide for pathology licensing exams in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.…