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Administrative Discretion in Education

by Michael Manley-Casimir and Alesha D. Moffat

Brush Education


Education | 264

CDN: 34.95

What is involved in the exercise of discretion by educational administrators? This collection of papers furthers research into this important question. It presents seminal work from scholars and graduate students, as well as path-breaking analyses from other disciplines.…

Diversity, Culture and Counselling (2nd Ed.): A Canadian Perspective

by M. Honoré France, María del Carmen Rodríguez and Geoffrey G. Hett

Brush Education


Psychology | 426

CDN: 44.95

Counsellors from a wide variety of backgrounds share their practical perspectives on subjects such as treating Muslim clients, the role of traditional healing methods in Aboriginal culture, and helping immigrant children cope with acculturation in the school system.…

Follow the Money: Where is Alberta's Wealth Going?

by Kevin Taft, Mel McMillan, and Junaid Jahangir

Brush Education


Current Affairs | 144

CDN: 12.95

Alberta’s most insightful political commentator is back with another essential book. Kevin Taft follows the money to uncover why Alberta—one of the richest places on earth—still talks poor when it comes to public services.…

Science She Loves Me

by Edited by Mary AnneMoser

Banff Centre Press


Culture | 208

CDN: 24.95

An engaging collection of texts and images that explores science as expressed by individuals, artists, scientists and teachers, from cafes and classrooms all the way to theatre and Hollywood.…

Martini With a Twist: 5 Plays by Clem Martini

by Clem Martini

NeWest Press


Comedy, Drama | 208

CDN: 19.95

Absurdity reigns in multiple award-winning author and playwright Clem Martini’s newest collection of work, five utterly original one-act populated elephants, ghosts, whales, severed heads, and more.…

The Shore Girl

by Fran Kimmel

NeWest Press


Fiction | 224

CDN: 19.95

Young Rebee Shore’s life is fragmented. Forever on the move, dragged around rural Alberta by her dysfunctional mother, she touches everyone she meets—family, friends, teachers, strangers—leaving indelible marks in her wake.…


by Theanna Bischoff

NeWest Press


Fiction | 288

CDN: 19.95

Upon the death of her troubled younger sister, teacher Darcy Nolan grapples with their frequently fraught relationship. A lyrical examination of those left behind after traumatic events, told with care and affection by the author of Cleavage.…


by Garry Ryan

NeWest Press


Adventure, Historical | 232

CDN: $19.95

Garry Ryan, award-winning author of the Detective Lane series of mystery novels, debuts the first book in a new trilogy about young Sharon Lacey, a Canadian girl who becomes an RAF pilot during the Blitz.…


by Naomi McIlwraith

AU Press


Poetry | 178

CDN: 16.95

“[McIlwraith] detours around historical attitudes, attempting to write in both [English and Cree], in a pilgrimage of transcribing and transliteration, circumventing the many obstacles of self and society in order to do so.” — The Prairie Journal…

Selves and Subjectivities: Reflections on Canadian Arts and Culture

by edited by Manijeh Mannani and Veronica Thompson

AU Press


Cultural Studies | 276

CDN: 29.95

By examining how writers and performers have conceptualized and negotiated issues of personal identity in their work, the essays collected in Selves and Subjectivities investigate emerging representations of self and other in contemporary Canadian arts and culture.…

Social Democracy After the Cold War

by edited by Bryan Evans and Ingo Schmidt

AU Press


Political Science | 340

CDN: 29.95

The case studies of this volume point to a social democracy that has confirmed its rupture with the postwar order and its role as the primary political representative of working class interests. Once marked by redistributive and egalitarian policy perspectives, social democracy has, the book argues, assumed a new role—that of a modernizing force advancing…


by Ewa Lipska, translated by Barbara Bogoczek and Tony Howard

AU Press


Fiction | 156

CDN: 14.95

Poetic, witty, and ever so faintly surreal, Sefer delicately explores the legacy of the Holocaust for the postwar generation, a generation for whom a devastating history has grown distant, both temporally and emotionally. One of Poland’s best-known poets, Ewa Lipska is today a major figure in European literature. In this translation of Sefer, Lipska’s first…

One Hour in Paris: A True Story of Rape and Recovery

by Karyn L. Freedman

Freehand Books


| 208

CDN: 21.95

In this powerful memoir, philosopher Karyn L. Freedman travels back to a Paris night in 1990 when she was 22 and, in one violent hour, her life was changed forever by a brutal rape. A moving and essential look at how survivors cope and persevere.…