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Planning Co-Existence: Aboriginal Issues in Forest and Land-Use Planning

by Marc G. Sevenson, David C. Natcher Editors

CCI Press


Non-Fiction | iv + 334

CDN: 50.00

Explores the current state of land use planning in Canada, what may be required to meet the crown’s legal and fiduciary obligations in these processes, and issues of central importance to Aboriginal peoples in forestry and land use plans.…

The Art of University Teaching

by George Melnyk and Christine Mason Sutherland

Brush Education


Learning | 226

CDN: 26.95

New university professors will find guidance and insight in these essays, which trace the many ways that professors have achieved excellence. This collection also contains reflections by university students.…

Pathology Review

by Dr. Zu-hua Gao

Brush Education


Non-Fiction | 304

CDN: 189.95

Pathology Review is the newest and most comprehensive review guide for pathology licensing exams in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.…

The Reindeer Botanist: Alf Erling Porsild, 1901-1977

by Wendy Dathan

University of Calgary Press


Non-Fiction | 750

CDN: 44.95

This long-awaited biography traces the challenging and adventurous career of a remarkable, little-known scientist who, in the end, earned universal respect for his prodigious publications and intimate knowledge of the people, plants and land around Canada’s Arctic Circle.…

Winter in Fireland: A Patagonian Sailing Adventure

by Nicholas Coghlan

University of Alberta Press


Non-Fiction | 400

CDN: 27.99

After tough assignments as a Canadian diplomat abroad, Nicholas Coghlan and his wife Jenny unwind by sailing Bosun Bird, a 27-foot sailboat, from Cape Town, South Africa, across the South Atlantic and into the stormy winter waters around Tierra del Fuego, South America.…


by Jenna Butler

University of Alberta Press


Poetry | 80

CDN: 15.99

Jenna Butler draws on her own experiences of her grandmother’s disappearance into senile dementia to reassemble a sensual world in longpoem form that positively crackles with imagery and rhythm. This is for readers who crave a deft style charged with honest emotion.…

We Gambled Everything: The Life and Times of an Oilman

by Arne Nielsen

University of Alberta Press


Non-Fiction | 368

CDN: 23.99

Arne Nielsen’s expansive knowledge of geology and the oil industry made him one of the most influential and well-known figures of his time. “We gambled everything—our careers, our fortunes, the future of our nation. It was like living on a frontier.” —Arne Nielsen…

Too Bad: Sketches Toward a Self-Portrait

by Robert Kroetsch

University of Alberta Press


Poetry | 112

CDN: 19.99

A candid walk through the corridors of the poet’s remembering. “This book is not an autobiography. It is a gesture toward a self-portrait, which I take to be quite a different kettle of fish.” — Robert Kroetsch, from the Introduction…

Pursuing China: Memoir of a Beaver Liaison Officer

by Brian L. Evans

University of Alberta Press


Non-Fiction | 392

CDN: 27.99

Crucial events in late 20th-century Canada-China cultural relations are revealed in this historian-diplomat’s engrossing memoir. “A richly detailed and intimate account… [This] is the story of a man who, as a boy, got inspired and chose to live that inspiration.” Cha Magazine…

Office Tower Tales (The)

by Alice Major

University of Alberta Press


Poetry | 264

CDN: 19.99

In this ambitious long poem, Alice Major exemplifies the redemptive force of story. Through the light-hearted interplay of such literary touchstones as Chaucer, The Thousand and One Nights, and Greek myth, readers meet three women who share tales during coffee breaks.…