Media Release – Book Publishers Association of Alberta’s Your Alberta Story Campaign Continues

Edmonton— What is an election campaign but a collection of people telling different stories about the past, present, and future? As Alberta’s 2023 election campaign continues, the Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA) continues to collect stories from Albertans to celebrate our unique Alberta Story together.

Specifically, we have asked candidates in the Alberta Election to submit their stories. They are highlighted on our website, alongside other Albertans’ stories. We have received some great stories so far that represent Alberta’s diverse voices and perspectives. For example, below is a story from Alice Major, an award-winning poet and Edmonton’s first Poet Laureate.

I came to Edmonton four decades ago for a job that paid well; I had the full intention of scraping a little gold off the sidewalk and heading back east. But I stayed because I found a wonderful arts community here, which I could benefit from and contribute to. In Edmonton, I’ve written 14 books and become poet laureate, served on the Edmonton Arts Council, and started the Edmonton Poetry Festival. That arts community is even larger and more diverse now, even more energetic. It’s the reason many future passers-through will find themselves arriving and staying. 

You can view more stories from Albertans and submit your own here.

Alberta book publishers play a vital role in telling Alberta’s Story, both at home and around the world. With over 30 companies, it is one of the strongest communities of regional publishers in North America, producing books by local, national, and international authors. 

Alberta book publishers are asking our provincial government to establish a $5 million Alberta Book Publishers Fund to invest in the long-term growth and stability of this important economic and cultural sector. This investment has the potential to increase Alberta’s GDP by nearly $4.6 million, create roughly 35 full-time jobs, and generate roughly $2.3 million in labour income. 


For more information contact: 

Kieran Leblanc, Executive Director

Download the PDF Media Release here.

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