March 23, 2023: Member Roundtable | Book Acquisitions

The Book Publishers Association of Alberta is pleased to announce an upcoming Member Roundtable focused on Book Acquisitions.

This roundtable, scheduled for March 23, 2023, is an opportunity for attendees to discuss their acquisition process, highlight how they have refined or improved their workflows, and share tips and strategies with fellow publishers.  

The format of this event is a structured discussion, facilitated by BPAA Executive Director Kieran Leblanc. The discussion will be guided by the following questions, and we also encourage attendees to submit any questions they have ahead of time.

  • What is your process for deciding which manuscripts to publish?
  • Who is responsible for the decision? Who (or what) is involved in making the decision? 
  • How do you receive/find manuscripts?
  • How do you recruit content (or authors) if there is something (or someone) you are interested in publishing?

This event is free and limited to members of the BPAA and their staff (including editorial contractors). Please register to reserve your spot by 4:30 pm MT on Wednesday, March 22. 

We are grateful to have access to The Complete Canadian Book Editor (Brush Education, 2016), when developing the materials for this discussion.

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