April 28, 2022: Social Media Marketing for Book Publishers Part 1

The Book Publishers Association of Alberta is pleased to announce an upcoming two-part webinar series: Social Media Marketing for Book Publishers with Zoe Grams and Ariel Hudnall of ZG Stories.

The first part of this series will be a publisher roundtable discussion facilitated by Zoe and Ariel on April 28, 2022. Publishers will be encouraged to discuss their approach to social media marketing, including what works, what doesn’t, and what publishers would like to learn more about.

The second part of this series, scheduled for May 5, 2022, will be a presentation informed by the outcomes of the publisher roundtable discussion. Zoe and Ariel will provide publishers with tangible, practical tools for creating a social media plan based on their current successes, experience, and time availability. The workshop will cater to the needs of small presses with limited staff or without dedicated social media or marketing team members.

This event is free and limited to members of the BPAA. Please register to reserve your spot by 4:30 pm MT on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. A recording of the webinar series will be available for 30 days for those who are unable to attend.

Zoe Grams headshotZoe Grams is an award-winning entrepreneur, writer and marketing professional. She is founder of ZG Stories: a literary marketing agency and co-founder of Upstart & Crow Literary Arts Studio. Prior to founding ZG Stories, she managed marketing campaigns for national and international not for profits and cultural organizations in London and Vancouver, in addition to providing publicity to award-winning authors at D&M Publishers.

Ariel Hudnall headshotAriel Hudnall has a Masters of Publishing from Simon Fraser University. During a six-year stint in Japan, Ariel worked extensively with award-winning culture magazine Kyoto Journal as a consultant and designer, helping the team navigate shifting publishing landscapes. Prior to joining ZG Stories, Ariel was a workshop facilitator who taught authors how to build up their online presence, as well as a community manager and marketer for an independent self-publishing community.


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