February 16, 2022: Office Ergonomics

The Book Publishers Association of Alberta is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar: Office Ergonomics with Tana Bullock and Jillian Cressman from MoveSafe

This webinar is as lively and interactive as you can be on Zoom! Tana and Jilian will provide participants with practical knowledge about how to set themselves up correctly in their workspace and how to work safely. The main focus will be how to set up your desk, chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other equipment correctly. They will also cover safe ergonomic behaviours, best practices and highlight the importance of regular interrupt exercises to establish a habit of creating movement for office workers. Tana and Jillian will then lead the group through a series of interrupt stretches that can be performed throughout the workday without needing to stray too far from your desk.

This event is free and limited to members of the BPAA. Please register to reserve your spot by 4:30pm MT on Tuesday, February 15. The webinar will be recorded and available for one week for those who are unable to attend. 

Headshot of Tana BullockTana Bullock has been a part of the MoveSafe team for almost a decade. Her background in Disability Management helps her understand the consequences of sustained unhealthy posture and movement habits. Tana is focused on applying her knowledge to help prevent injury to avoid the unwanted circumstance of having employees struggle to return to normal work and home life. When she is not politely nagging folks about proper posture and teaching them how to (finally) set up their office chair, Tana is probably out running or shuttling her kids to and from their many extra-curricular activities.

Headshot of Jillian CressmanJillian Cressman joined the MoveSafe team in 2018 driven to assist individuals in improving their quality of life. In her role as a Lead Consultant, Jillian supports the employees of Edmonton clients through education, job coaching, movement screening with exercise prescription as well as ergonomic support. When not working or playing basketball, Jillian enjoys finding local coffee shops to try, exploring nature, and travelling the world. She also loves gourmet donuts!

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