January 6, 2022: Alberta Books for Schools and Educational Metadata

The Book Publishers Association of Alberta is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar: Alberta Books for Schools and Educational Metadata with Lorisia MacLeod and Brendan Ouellette. 

In January, the BPAA is opening submissions for Alberta Books for Schools, a catalogue and online resource modelled after BC Books for BC Schools. This webinar will provide publishers with the necessary background and knowledge to navigate the Alberta K-12 curriculum in preparation for this project. During the presentation, Lorisia will share resources and tools that will help publishers identify which of their books have potential as supplemental resources for Alberta’s classrooms. Brendan will then discuss educational metadata and how the keywords that an educator looks for are different than those of a general reader. We encourage attendees to send their questions in ahead of time, but there will be time for questions during the webinar as well.

This event is free and limited to members of the BPAA. Please register to reserve your spot by 4:30pm MT on Wednesday, January 5. 

Lorisia MacLeod is a proud member of the James Smith Cree Nation and completed her MLIS degree at the University of Alberta while presenting across Canada on topics ranging from citation to indigenization. She is a Learning Services Librarian with The Alberta Library, and she enjoys reading comics, 3D printing, and travelling to conferences to meet new folks.

Brendan Ouellette is the Digital Project Manager at Annick Press, where he works with ONIX data and ebook, audiobook, and web development. He also works with eBOUND Canada and the Association of Canadian Publishers on a variety of collective data initiatives for the education market.

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