March 3, 2021: Social Media Branding

The Book Publishers Association of Alberta is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar: Social Media Branding, presented by Joe Whitbread of Jo(e) Social Media.

Social media communication and public relations has never been more important for professionals, yet so many are just there without motive or skill. So many channels, so little time. Joe Whitbread from Jo(e) Social Media will be presenting on the new professional necessity of personal branding and social media presence. Our social media and personal brand is on display, everywhere, whether you want it to be or not. In this fascinating presentation, Joe will dispel some myths and help professionals start using each channel to its full potential.

This event is free for members of the BPAA. Please register to reserve your spot by 4:30pm MST on Tuesday, March 2.

The co-founder of Jo(e) Social Media in Alberta, Joe Whitbread started his career in radio, television and live entertainment. He’s a professional public speaker, emcee, PA announcer, and voiceover artist and has hosted thousands of community events in his 30+ year public career.

Together with his partner Jo Phillips, their business has won many awards for helping pioneer social media corporate training and digital asset management, while touring schools throughout the province to speak to parents, teachers and kids about social media mental health and online opportunity.

Follow @joewhitbread on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

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