Media Release: Celebrating the 3rd Annual Alberta Book Day

Edmonton – The members of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA) wish to thank the Alberta Government, and Ministers Leela Aheer and Tracy Allard, for declaring December 7, 2020 as the third annual “Alberta Book Day.” The day celebrates the many achievements of Alberta-based book publishers, and the significant contributions they make to our province’s cultural and economic landscapes.

“The publishing industry plays a key role in telling Alberta’s Story,” says BPAA executive director, Kieran Leblanc. “Books have been an important source of comfort for many through the numerous challenges we’ve faced collectively over the past year. It is more important than ever to support locally written and published titles – to ensure that our perspective continues to be heard on a regional, national, and international scale.”

The book publishing industry in Alberta, counting more than 30 active publishers, is also an important part of the provincial economy. The work of publishers resonates throughout a variety of other sectors such as tourism, culture, health and education, providing full-time, part-time and freelance work to many individuals, including writers, editors, photographers and illustrators, designers and printers.

“While we aren’t able to gather in person this year to showcase the exceptional work of our publishers, we’re thankful for the opportunity to have a virtual discussion about the importance of the government’s investment in the growth and sustainability of the Alberta book publishing industry,” says Leblanc.


For more information contact:
Kieran Leblanc, Executive Director
c. 780.918.8375

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