Intro to Audiobook Production with David Caron (ECW Press)

Whether it’s licensing titles to other publishers or producing audiobooks yourselves, this workshop will give you detailed information on how it’s done. We’ll cover working with your authors, licensing publishers, narrators, studios and more, as well as marketing and distribution.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

  • How the audiobook production process works and what costs (money and time) to anticipate
  • Which type of titles to select for audio recording and how to handle narration for special aspects of books (such as a family tree, or quotes)
  • Casting choices
  • Author contract clauses for audiobook production
  • Distribution options and marketing
  • Sales expectations

After spending many a summer in Drumheller, David Caron is happy to be back in Alberta to talk about audiobooks with publishers. He is the president and co-publisher of ECW Press in Toronto, and current president of the Ontario Book Publishers Organization. His two decades of work in book publishing and a decade of work in theatre are finding a convergence in the work on audiobooks in the last four years.

This event is free for members of the BPAA, and non-member tickets will be $25. Registration is now open:

Edmonton (May 7, 2019)

Calgary (May 8, 2019)


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