2019 Alberta Book Publishing Awards Open for Submissions

The 2019 Alberta Book Publishing Awards will be accepting submissions beginning on January 2, 2019 in the following categories:

Book of the Year: Children and Young Adult, Learning, Scholarly and Academic, the Robert Kroetsch Award for Poetry, Speculative Fiction, Trade Fiction, and Trade Non-Fiction.

Book Design: Book Cover, Book Design, Illustration.

Industry Awards: the Mel Hurtig Alberta Publisher of the Year, Alberta Emerging Publisher of the Year, the Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence, and Special Achievement awards to recognize exceptional contributions to Alberta book publishing.


Publishers do not have to be members of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta but must meet the following guidelines to be eligible to receive an award:

  1. A publisher will:
    1. have its chief office of business located in Alberta
    2. be at least 80% beneficially owned by Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, or be fully owned and controlled by Canadian institutions or associations that are 80% controlled by Canadian citizens or landed immigrants
    3. have effective managerial and editorial control by people domiciled in Alberta, and financial control in the hands of people living in Canada, and
    4. publish original Canadian books as a primary and not an occasional activity
  2. All submissions must have a publication date:
    1. no earlier than January 1, 2018
    2. no later than December 31, 2018
  3. Revised editions may be eligible in some circumstances
  4. Books may be entered in more than one category, and in any or all of the three (3) design categories
  5. Each publisher may submit up to three titles per award category


  1. Submissions must be received by February 28, 2019 and include all supporting documentation and fees
  2. Submissions become the property of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta and will not be returned, regardless of eligibility
  3. Submission fees are non-refundable
  4. Jury decisions are final


The Alberta Book Publishing Awards are administered by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta as a service to the publishing industry in Alberta.

Eligible submissions in each award category will be adjudicated against the specific criteria for that category; criteria for each category is detailed on the submission form for that category. If a jury finds that no submissions in a category meet the criteria to receive an award no award shall be presented in that category.

Jurors are selected by the Book Publishers Association of Alberta Awards Committee and juries are administered by the staff of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta.  

Jurors are independent of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta and all their decisions are final.

Submission Forms and Other Documents

Alberta Book Publishing Awards Submissions Announcement

Eligibility, Conditions, and Attestation (with submission checklist)

Title Information Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

More Information

Please direct all requests for information to the Book Publishers Association of Alberta.

Second Floor, Percy Page Centre
11759 Groat Road NW
Edmonton, Alberta  T5M 3K6


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