LPG Launches Custom Book Vending in Toronto

Toronto, ON — The Literary Press Group (LPG) is excited to announce the launch of CarryOnBooks, its custom book vending machine featuring a curated variety of 30 Canadian-authored books by independent, literary publishers across Canada. Located at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and in partnership with Nieuport Aviation, CarryOnBooks will be accessible to all visitors and will feature a rotation of titles for sale to passengers beginning June 1, 2018.

“Canada’s independent literary publishers continue to produce award-winning, well-reviewed, and important books, nurturing diverse, fresh, and creative authors from across the country. A key challenge currently facing our independent publishers is uniting books with their readers. While these books have many supporters, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover them through traditional sales channels and marketing opportunities,” said LPG Executive Director Christen Thomas.

In light of this, LPG is launching something truly unique on June 1 and would love your support in making this endeavour the most successful it can be. Help us spread the word by tagging us on Twitter or Instagram @alllitupcanada and use the official #CarryOnBooks hashtag.

This project is made possible by the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada Book Fund.

LPG Announces CarryOnBooks

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