May 15, 2018: Alberta’s Book Publishers Celebrate “Alberta Book Day”

Edmonton – The members of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA) wish to thank the Alberta Government, through the announcement by Minister Miranda today, for declaring May 15, 2018 as the inaugural “Alberta Book Day”. The day has been designated to celebrate the depth and breadth of the book publishing industry in Alberta, and to profile the many diverse and culturally important books that come to life in our province each year.

The modern book publishing industry has existed in Alberta since 1969, with the opening of the U of A Press, and followed by Hurtig Publishing in 1972.

The industry grew to a high of 45 publishing houses in the mid 90s, and has provided some of the most successful independent Canadian publishers. The industry is smaller, now, with 28 active publishers, and still makes important contributions to independent Canadian publishing, and economic, academic, educational, community and cultural life in Alberta.

20 of Alberta’s book publishers are gathering at the Edmonton Federal building to display Alberta-published books, and to meet MLAs and government staff to talk about the industry and the importance of the government’s investment in the growth and sustainability of publishing books.

“This is the first event of its kind in Alberta,” said Alexander Finbow, President of the BPAA. “Alberta Book Day is a great way to profile an industry that publishes a tremendous variety of quality titles, some of which win major awards, and to showcase to MLAs and their staff the wonderful resources that exist in their own back yards.”

Media Release Alberta Book Day May 15 2018

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