Media Release: Association of Canadian Publishers’ calls for renewed dialogue with universities on fair compensation

TORONTO, ONTARIO—(August 3, 2017)—In light of York University’s announcement that it will appeal last month’s Federal Court of Canada decision in Access Copyright v. York University, the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) calls on York to stop relying on the copying policies that the Court found unfair, to end the illegal behaviours that result from those policies, and to reengage in negotiations on fair compensation for the copying and use of copyright-protected materials.

“Now is a responsible time to resume constructive, practical discussions about fair payment for the contributions that creators and publishers make to Canadian education,” said ACP president Glenn Rollans. “York and other educational institutions across Canada, including K to 12 school systems, owe it to the students they educate to pause and reconsider whether their institutional values are truly reflected in their copying policies and behaviour.”


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