How to Join

To apply, download and fill in the BPAA Member Application Form.

If applying for Full  Membership, please fill in the Titles in Print Information Form (fillable pdf)


The BPAA offers 2 levels of membership, based on a company’s publishing activity:

Full Member

Annual fee: $750
Full Members benefit from all BPAA services, including the display and archive programs. They receive all member news and postings, are listed in the directory, and have voting rights at all Association meetings.

To be considered for Full Membership, a company must meet all of the following requirements:

  • have its chief office of business in Alberta
  • be at least 80% beneficially owned by a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, or be fully owned by Canadian institutions or associations that are in turn at least 80% beneficially owned by Canadian citizens or landed immigrants
  • be 51% beneficially owned by people domiciled in Alberta, with effective managerial, editorial and financial control by people domiciled in Alberta
  • publish Canadian books as a primary and not activity
  • be in operation for at least two years from the publication date of first title
  • have at least four original Canadian tiltes in print, and have a publishing program that produces at least one new title per year
  • have no more than 25% of titles in print written by principals, directors or employees of the company

Please Note: Publishers with more than 25% of their titles authored by principals or directors of the company may be eligible for membership so long as they can demonstrate that they are a bona fide book publisher.

Supporting Member

Annual fee: $300

Eligible for the archive program, but not the display program, Supporting Members are listed in the directory and receive all member mailings and postings. They can attend but cannot vote at Association meetings.

Open to any individual, firm, partnership, individual proprietorship or institution which supports the objectives of Alberta publishers.